About us

The Ota farm is a family-owned business located near Trieste, in the north-east of Italy, nearby the Regional Nature Reserve of The Val Rosandra – Dolina Glinščice. At the Ota farm, olive oil and wine are produced with passion and professional care.


Roberto Ota was one of the first producers in the Trieste area to realize the opportunities of investing in local agriculture. Even though olive growing was largely abandoned in the early Eighties, Roberto and his family stubbornly continued on their path, planting 1000 olive trees in 1984, in addition to the old trees growing on the family land.

Roberto Ota was also one of the grounders of the D.O.C. Carso wine consortium and among the promoters of the value of olive oil in the Trieste area.


Today the farm is led by Ilija Ota, Roberto’s son, who brought in his young and innovative views, although maintaining family tradition.


Since its establishment in 1993, the Cantina Ota has always been a gathering place, especially during traditional celebrations. The Ota farm also hosts pruning courses and researches in the climatology and agronomy field. In addition, they encourage agricultural studies supporting the realization of graduation theses.


In addition to olive oil, the farm produces high quality wine from the malvasia, vitovska, refosco, merlot and ribolla varieties. 


We produce top quality extra virgin olive oil. Several olive varieties are grown, such as leccino, pendolino, leccio del corno and in particular the belica-bianchera local cultivar, very appreciated owing to its particular taste.


Our winery is surrounded by ancient belica olive trees. Some of them have survived the 1929 freezing winter and have been studied to determine the genetic structure of the belica cultivar.


Owing to the particular climate and soil conditions, the professional care of the olive trees and the environmentally friendly growing techniques, our olive oil is of highest quality. Moreover, the olives are picked and pressed the same day, what enhances the taste and preserves the antioxidant properties of olive oil.


 In addition to olive oil, we produce high quality wine from the malvasia, vitovska, refosco, merlot and ribolla varieties.